Training Programs

Ninjutsu Classes for Adults

Ninpo US is your source for Ninjutsu training in Florida and beyond! Whether you're looking to learn effective self-defense, confidence, discipline, traditional martial arts, we have the class for you. Our martial arts classes are taught in a fun, safe, and ego-free environment, by professional instructors.


"Great dojo and a great training environment. The instructors are phenomenal and friendly, and so are the fellow students." -Gage

Martial Arts for Kids

Our children's martial arts classes are the perfect way to teach your child discipline, focus, and self-esteem. This isn't your corner karate schools "Little Ninja Program." Our children learn in a real ninja school, learning the valuable lessons of martial arts in a fun and exciting way.


"This place is excellent and they are very patient." -Latoya

Weapons Training

Ninpo US offers specialized weapons training found in ninjutsu and Japanese ju-jutsu, including: sword, staff, throwing blades, and much more. You can choose to train in weapons along with one of our other programs, or train just in weapons.


"I love this place. Every time I come here I don't want to leave. It has become my new motivation in life." -Obie

Instructor Program

Have you ever wanted to teach martial arts, or develop leadership skills? Our Instructor Program is customized to help you achieve your goals, whether it's improving your leadership skills, teaching martial arts, or even starting your own Ninjutsu group anywhere in the world!

If you are a student at our dojo you will get additional training, exclusive access to seminars, and hands on experience developing your ability to lead. If you don't live near one of our locations we can also work with you by Skype, video, and occasional visits to help you. Contact us for more information




There is nothing like our Shinobi Program anywhere in the world. This is an extremely rare training that Renshi Mark Bramble teaches only by private lesson. Limited space is available and you must be a member of both our Ninjutsu and Weapons Program to apply.