About Ninpo US

Ninpo US is your premiere martial arts school, teaching authentic Ninjutsu, Japanese Ju-jutsu, and practical self-defense. Headquartered in the Tampa Bay area, Ninpo US offers traditional martial arts training in Tampa and Orlando, as well as, at branch locations throughout the United States.

With a focus on effective self-defense training, our martial arts forges you a person, externally and internally. As a student, you will be pushed to bring out the best in yourself. Our martial arts classes help to empower you to forge the heart of a warrior, for self-defense and also for life.

We aren't your corner karate school or competition martial arts school. Ninpo US offers martial arts for all experience and fitness levels, in a safe, professional, and ego-free environment. Classes are available for adults and children, age 6 and up.

"The physical training is challenging but fun and

contributes to helping me overcome a lifetime of fear."

-Stephanie D.


At Ninpo US, our focus is on giving you the best martial arts experience possible. That experience starts with the uniqueness of what we teach.

  • OUR INSTRUCTORS. We're not only passionate about teaching martial arts, but also about our own training. Instructors undergo their own continuous martial arts training, as well as, consistently improve the methods we teach to our students.
  • OUR MARTIAL ARTS. We teach authentic ninjutsu and Japanese ju-jutsu. Training is available in practical self-defense, weapons training, and shinobi-jutsu.
  • OUR METHODS. While we teach martial arts from a traditional perspective, we are constantly improving our teaching methods to help you get the most out of your martial arts training. There are many benefits to martial arts, and we recognize that each student's capabilities and goals can differ. We work to help you achieve your goals, while gaining valuable skills that can benefit you for the rest of your life.

If you're ready to begin your martial arts training, or for more information. Contact Ninpo US today, at (813)585-3750.

"I was worried about egos and whether there were 40 somethings

like me. What I have received is an improved outlook on life,

that 35 lbs gone, and possibly being in the best shape of my life."

-Larry P.


Renshi Mark Bramble

Ninpo US is led by Chief Instructor Mark Bramble. Mark, who holds the mastership title of "Renshi", oversees training in the Tampa Bay area, as well as, numerous branch instructors in the eastern U.S..

He has been studying martial arts for over 37 years, regularly traveling around the world to pursue his own training. His passion for helping others has led him to teach martial arts for over 25 years. In addition to holding the title of Renshi, he currently holds a rank of 5th degree black belt.

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Sensei Joy Bramble

Sensei Joy Bramble is the Lead Instructor of Ninpo US, overseeing day-to-day instruction at our dojo. She currently holds the rank of 3rd degree black belt in Ninpo and Japanese Ju-jutsu. In addition to regular classes, she enjoys helping women to learn the empowerment of martial arts training. She has trained in Japan and around the world.