About Renshi Mark Bramble


Renshi Mark Bramble first began his martial arts training 37 years ago. Residing in Florida,  he has taught martial arts to thousands of people, including: law enforcement, military, security, and Fortune 100 companies. In addition, he is an Author, Fight Coordinator, and Stunt Coordinator.

Over the course of his martial arts career, Renshi Mark has participated in hundreds of public and private demonstrations at local community events, corporate events, and schools. His focus is now on teaching the value of martial arts through his instructors located throughout the U.S., as well as, coaching private clients.

About His Training

Renshi Mark became fascinated with martial arts at a young age, watching his father training in local classes. At age 5, he began training in Karate and like many became enamored with the Ninja Boom of the 80s and old Kung Fu movies.

In 1991, at age 15, he was invited to a ninjutsu school by a friend, an hour away from home, becoming a student immediately, along with is father. After a year of training he was invited to become an instructor at the school, and within a couple years became both the Head Instructor, Dojo Manager, and direct student of the owner Jesse Shanks, Jr. During these years he sustained numerous training injuries, even testing for 2nd Degree Black Belt with a broken ankle.

Mark trained 7 days a week in the dojo and out in nature. Training included both unarmed and armed skills, internal and energy training, and shinobi. He was also taught how to be a Ninjutsu Kenkyu-ka, or researcher of classical Ninjutsu. In addition to this training, he cross-trained in other combative arts including Jujutsu, BJJ, Karate, Aiki-jutsu, Greco-Roman Wrestling, and Sambo.

Mark competed in numerous tournaments and private fighting events to test his skill, including yearly Ninjutsu specific competitions. During this time he won 1st place black belt division in grappling, shuriken throwing, sword fighting, anchuken, and 2nd place in dive rolling, in addition to, 1st place in the 2002 American Jujitsu Association Annual Shi-ai.

In 2000, Mark sustained a severe knee injury, grappling against four people during his test for 5th degree black belt in Tenshin Aiki Budo (mastership level of Kyoshi). Unable to afford a doctor, he was on crutches for 6 months and unable to sit in seiza for a year and a half. During this time he continued to teach, train, and research, while training under a number of instructors and Grandmasters from different Ninpo organizations.

From 2005 to 2018, he was a direct student of Grandmaster Shoto Tanemura, traveling nationally and internationally to train in and teach martial arts. During this time his dojo was given the name "Bansenshukai Dojo", named after the most famous historical book on Ninjutsu.

Now in 2018, he looks forward to growing world-class training opportunities for anyone interested. Mark's role shifted to growing martial arts through his instructors in the U.S. His mission is to teach Ninjutsu (Ninpo) not as an archaic martial arts system, but as a set of applicable skills, knowledge, and strategies, in order to be a positive force in our communities.