Welcome to Ninpo.us

Imagine yourself in a room, filled with people just like you, learning traditional martial arts in a fun and ego-free environment. A place where discipline, focus, humility, and compassion are more than mere words.

A place where martial arts are handed down in a way, as they have been for hundreds of years, while maintaining practicality for today's world. Where you can improve your fitness, gain focus, and remove stress, all while learning valuable lessons not just for self-defense, but also for life.

Welcome to Ninpo US!  Our goal is to give you a truly exceptional martial arts experience, that focuses on teaching you  authentic traditional martial arts, in an ego-free and professional environment.

We realize that not everyone trains in martial arts for the same reasons. Some are looking for effective self-defense, physical fitness, to learn the tradition of martial arts, or even to specifically learn the martial art styles that we teach. Likewise, not everyone comes to our martial arts classes with the same experience or fitness level.

That's ok. From the very beginning, when you will feel welcomed to our martial arts family. We have complete martial arts training in Ju-jutsu, Ninpo, and more, for all levels and abilities.

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